Curriculum Vitae - Synopsis

Peter Murphy is the owner of Interstate Accident Reconstruction Consultants.  He has been certified by ATSSA as a Worksite Traffic Supervisor since 1994.  Mr. Murphy recently retired from the Massachusetts State Police after 34 years of service.  During his tenure with the state police, he has received extensive training in many aspects of highway safety.  His education and experience ranges from crash prevention,  crash investigation, crash reconstruction, and supervision of these activities.  Specialized training includes, Applied Physics for Accident Reconstruction, Bio-Mechanics of Traffic Accidents, and numerous other Traffic Crash Reconstruction Courses.

Mr. Murphy co-developed  and organized a Worksite Traffic Safety training program for the Massachusetts State Police.  As a state police officer, he has over 15,000 hours of field experience installing and maintaining worksite traffic control systems on state highways and secondary roads.  During his 34 years with the state police, Mr. Murphy has investigated, reconstructed and supervised the investigation of hundreds of highway incidents.  Mr. Murphy was a supervisor of the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section from 2001 until his retirement in 2008.   He was responsible for assisting reconstruction team members during their investigations, reviewing reconstruction reports and maintaining an individual case load.  Mr. Murphy responded to active highway crashes and incidents, conducted on-scene investigations and reconstructions, gathered evidence, documented scenes with photographs and diagrams,  conducted follow up investigations, produced reports, and has been qualified and testified as an expert witness in the field of accident reconstruction at numerous courts of law.       

Mr. Murphy has instructed and lectured at numerous seminars and training programs.  Topics have included Traffic Control and Work Zone Safety, Perception/Reaction Information Processing, Emergency Truck Braking, At Scene Traffic/Homicide Investigation, Driver Awareness and Traffic Control Devices, and Nighttime Visibility Issues.   He also has published works in the areas of highway safety and crash reconstruction.  Mr. Murphy is certified by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR # 259).

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